Video Divorce FAQs

This series of answers to frequently asked questions related to the division of properties in Texas divorce has been extracted from an interview by Family Lawyer Magazine with Brian McNamara.

  • How is property divided during a divorce in Texas?
  • What do tracing, reimbursement, and reconstitution mean regarding property division in a divorce?
  • What are the first steps you should take if you’re filing for divorce in Texas?
  • What are the first steps for the spouse who isn’t filing for divorce?
  • What are the top mistakes you see clients making in a Texas divorce?
  • What should divorce people in Texas do regarding the marital home?
  • What common mistakes do divorcing people in Texas make when it comes to retirement and QDROs?
  • What would recommend to business owners who are getting a divorce in Texas?
  • Are there any common mistakes you see business owners, professionals like dentists or doctors, or other people make who you've done divorces for?
  • Are high net worth divorce cases the same as regular divorce cases?
  • How do you help ensure that your clients get their fair share in a divorce?
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