Cohabitation Agreement

Texas has no separate divorce for Common Law Marriage. In an informal (common law) marriage, property is community, and divided in a manner that a Judge thinks is “Just and Right.”

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The unmarried cohabitation package consists of:

  1. A multi-page personalized non-marital cohabitation agreement.
  2. Blank Excel schedules on which each person can list the items that he/she brought into the residence (to avoid allegations about who owned any particular item).
  3. An acknowledgment that can be signed by the person who did not purchase the agreement that states that he/she is aware of the option to have it reviewed by a lawyer.
  4. Waivers of disclosure of financial information that confirm neither party is obligated to disclose his or her personal financial information.
  5. Letter Explaining the Documents and How to Sign.

The fee for the entire package is $399.

The unmarried cohabitation agreement package provides:

The Parties Are Not Married

The standard non‐marital cohabitation agreement available is for people who are living together or who plan to live together. It makes clear that they are not married, ceremonially or by common law (also called ‘informal marriage’), and that if they ever do decide to marry it will be in a ceremony. This helps to avoid allegations of common law or informal marriage after living together.

Neither Party Is Liable For The Obligations Of The Other

The standard cohabitation package provides that neither party is taking on a legal responsibility for the obligations of the other, which includes everything from a car note to rent to a child support obligation owed by the other. The agreement provides that the parties can choose to jointly incur an obligation but cannot be required to.

Property Is Individually Owned

The standard cohabitation agreement makes clear that the parties have made no attempt to disclose assets or property to each other. It also provides that each will continue to own whatever is his or hers individually.

Each one remains free to manage and dispose of his and her own property as they choose.

No Reimbursement Claims Without Written Agreement

The cohabitation package also provides that, without a written agreement, neither person may make a claim against the other for a share of the expenses or for any of the other’s bills that he or she may have chosen to pay during the relationship.

Even in a common law marriage in Texas, community property is divided in the manner that the judge deems just and right.” Texas Family Code §7.001

A Non‐Marital Cohabitation Agreement by a Texas Prenup Attorney

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