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Divorce is not always as simple as dividing up the belongings of two people. Kingwood divorce attorney, Brian J. McNamara, handles all types of divorces, including cases that involve extensive or complex assets, and issues about children. Often, divorce is not simply the dissolution of a marriage; it can also be the end of a shared investment strategy and a financial relationship more complex than a business partnership.

Many couples enjoy growth in the value of their joint assets during marriage, and often acquire valuable property from other sources such as by inheritance or gift. In such cases, marital asset division can be complicated and contentious. An attorney experienced in the division of complex personal and marital property can be a powerful advocate for your interests.

A Detail-Oriented Approach to Your Divorce

Brian J. McNamara takes a hands-on, detail-oriented approach to divorce cases. If both spouses are cooperative about child custody and support and are forthcoming about their assets and finances, there may be little need for extensive investigation or contentious litigation. Mr. McNamara’s approach to divorce is, as much as possible, to facilitate peace and positive relationships within the family.

Experience with the Division of Complex Assets in Divorce

Brian J. McNamara, the founder of our firm, is a seasoned divorce attorney who can adeptly handle the division of complex personal and marital property. He can develop property division plans that courts will approve that involve business partnerships, stock funds, growth in asset value, executive-level retirement plans, pension plans, military pensions, 401(k)/403(b) plans, IRAs, intellectual property, family real estate, mortgages, debt investments, and a variety of other unusual or complex portfolios.

Advocating for Our Client’s True Interests in Divorce

When a client comes to the McNamara Law Office, PLLC seeking a divorce or having been recently served with a divorce petition, we talk not only about the legal aspects but also the personal issues. Divorce can become contentious when cruelty or adultery become an issue. When children are involved every client must realistically evaluate the consequences of a prolonged divorce battle regardless of who was at fault in the marriage ending. Our job is to help our clients evaluate their options and make sound decisions in an emotional situation.

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