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In Texas, statutes are in place to determine child support, but those statutes do not prevent disputes. At the McNamara Law Office in Kingwood, Texas, I work with clients to understand their situations and collect the data needed to determine the level of child support necessary to meet the specific needs of their children.

Brian J. McNamara established our firm in 1992 to help individuals with complex family law matters. He brings that experience to an area that has its own share of complexities: child support. McNamara Law Office encourages couples to use the processes of mediation and collaborative law before going to trial.

Child Support Must Meet the Needs of Your Children

At the McNamara Law Office, I will begin with the established guidelines to make a preliminary calculation of the child support amount. First and foremost, child support must meet the minimum needs of the child. That may happen within the guidelines, or it can be an amount that is outside the established calculations.

The Challenges Involved in Calculating Child Support

The spouse obligated to pay support begins by providing specific data on his or her income. While seemingly a “black and white” number, determining true income does present questions. The spouse to receive child support payments may pose various arguments related to year-end bonuses, commissions or overtime compensation. What should be an objective fact can quickly become subjective and open to interpretation.

History of income is a good indicator, but anyone can have a bad year and not secure the bonuses or commissions they once enjoyed. When I represent a client who is to pay child support, I am honest and ethical in providing the numbers, but I will ensure that you are paying no more than what is required. When representing someone who is to receive child support payments, I focus on getting your child the support he or she deserves.

Child Support Charts

Brian McNamara Has Over 20 Years with Child Support

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced child support lawyer, contact McNamara Law Office today. Mr. McNamara offers a reduced-fee initial consultation in divorce and family law cases.

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