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If you and your spouse disagree on child custody, a courtroom is not the only venue to resolve it. At the McNamara Law Office in Kingwood, Texas, I advocate for my client’s best interests and for the children, providing realistic options and clear information about likely outcomes in child custody disputes.

At the McNamara Law Office, I counsel clients on the reality of a child custody battle. I help them assess what they can win and, perhaps more importantly, what the law cannot award.

Advocating for You and Your Children in Child Custody Cases

At the McNamara Law Office, I am dedicated to handling all legal issues related to child custody, including visitation schedules, health care, religious, and educational decisions, relocation, residence restrictions, and other concerns. Advocating for the best interests of your children is always at the forefront of our representation. Mediation and collaborative law can be powerful tools for resolving child custody disputes without a trial. If a trial is the only option, attorney Brian J. McNamara is an experienced trial lawyer.

The Benefits of Child Custody Mediation versus Litigation

In Texas, mediation is usually required before a child custody trial. Brian J. McNamara, the founder of our firm, is a strong proponent of mediation and the practice of collaborative law. A mediated or collaborative agreement can give you a degree of control over important decisions about your children. Future co-parenting becomes easier if there is cooperation.

There are times when litigation is necessary.  For example, in cases that involve one parent moving with the children to a different part of the state or country. In such cases, Mr. McNamara is an experienced trial lawyer who will advocate for your children’s best interests.

Brian J. McNamara is an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

To schedule an appointment with an experienced child custody attorney, contact the McNamara Law Office, PLLC today. Mr. McNamara offers a reduced fee initial consultation in divorce and family law cases.

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