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The standard online prenuptial package consists of:

  1. a prenuptial agreement
  2. forms for listing the assets and debts of each fiancé
  3. 2 waivers of financial disclosure
  4. a post-marital property agreement to be signed shortly after the marriage
  5. a cover letter explaining how to execute and record the documents
  6. a half hour phone consultation with Texas family law attorney Brian McNamara after you receive the package to answer any questions.

The fee for the package is $399.

The fiancés will have to complete two schedules each: One listing each person’s assets and one listing each person’s debts. The forms for the schedules will be attached to the prenup and the post-marital property agreement.

The standard online prenup package provides:

  • No Community Property Created During The Marriage
    The standard prenup package available on this page provides that there will be no community property created during the marriage. Everything that a spouse owns prior to marriage is separate property. In years to come it can be difficult to prove what was owned prior to marriage. One of the benefits of a prenup is that it lists each spouse’s assets on the date of marriage. More importantly, it also provides that there will be no community property created during the marriage. Each spouse will keep as separate property all that he or she acquires during the marriage, including all retirement accounts, real estate, bank accounts, automobiles, etc. In the event of divorce, each spouse keeps his or her separate property.
  • Joint Purchases And Gifts Are Okay
    The Standard Prenup Package includes a provision that permits the spouses to purchase property or open a bank account together if they choose. It also specifically provides for the spouses to make gifts to each other if they choose, including gifts of cash at any time.Joint Purchases and Gifts are O.K.

The legislature and the people of Texas have made the public policy determination that premarital agreements should be enforced.
Beck v. Beck, Texas Supreme Court, 1991

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