With a standard prenuptial agreement from mcnamaralawyers.com, for only $399 you can have a binding Texas prenup from an experienced attorney that keeps each spouse’s assets and debts separate while also providing flexibility to purchase property together if desired, to make gifts to each other, maintain a joint checking account, and even file joint income tax returns.

The standard prenup package that we offer through mcnamaralawyers.com is substantial and detailed. It is designed for a couple who plan to marry and do not currently own together any property of substantial value, e.g. a house. The agreement provides that everything in the husband’s name will be his separate property and everything in the wife’s name will be hers.

If you choose to buy a house together after you are married it will be owned according to the amount that each spouse contributed to the purchase price unless there is insufficient evidence of those amounts, in which case it will be 50/50. Or you can make an agreement at the closing that the house will be owned 50/50, or otherwise, regardless of what each person put into it.

If there is a substantial disparity of income or wealth between the spouses one may give the other a gift at any time. A gift can be anything, including cash and, once given, cannot be taken back and is a “done deal.” Our standard prenup also permits a household checking account if you choose, and the money in that account will be owned 50/50 by the spouses.

Debts are kept separate unless you both incur a debt together.

Our standard prenup package consists of: A multi-page prenup. agreement; blank forms or schedules to list each party’s individual assets and debts; waivers of disclosure of financial information so that whatever each fiancee has disclosed about his or her finances is sufficient; An acknowledgement by the fiancee who did not purchase the agreement that he or she has had an opportunity to have it reviewed by a lawyer; a marital property agreement that can be signed as “spouses” after you are married; along with a detailed letter that has instructions and information about the package.

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