There are several ways to discuss a prenup with your fiance. First, have a clear understanding of the reasons for your interest in a prenup and the benefits to your particular situation. Do you want to provide that each of you will keep 100% of your separate estates and all acquired by each of you independently during marriage, do you want to ensure a 50/50 division, or something in between? You may be interested in allaying any fears or concerns of your adult children. You may want to provide for the future of each spouse’s minor children born before the marriage. If you both have assets, it may be smart to confirm that they are kept separate for financial reasons.

A prenup can be looked at like an insurance policy. You hope you will never need your homeowner’s policy, but it’s comforting to know its there. All marriages go through difficult periods. At such times, it can be helpful to know that you don’t have to worry about your retirement, finances, etc.

When you know why a prenup is appropriate for your situation and have some ideas about what you would like to include in it, then sit with your fiancé and discuss it calmly and maturely. For many couples it takes several conversations before they are finally comfortable discussing the details.