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At the McNamara Law Office in Kingwood, Texas, we see all types of divorce cases, from amicable divorces resolved by agreement to those that are rife with emotion and conflict. We encourage meaningful, substantive negotiation and are often able to help clients come to agreement. We carefully counsel our clients on their legal options and the range of outcomes they should reasonably expect. We recognize that some divorces will end up in the courtroom. Our founder, Brian J. McNamara, prepares every case for trial, even though most clients do come to a settlement. We believe that this thorough preparation puts our clients in the best position to negotiate, and Mr. McNamara is an experienced trial lawyer. To discuss your divorce with an experienced Texas divorce attorney,contact our law office today. We offer a reduced-fee initial consultation in divorce and family law cases.

Listed below is more information on divorce in the state of Texas.

Texas Divorce – An Overview

Contemplating divorce is always difficult. Involving a knowledgeable Texas family law attorney as soon as possible in the divorce process is one of the best ways to preserve your own long-term financial and emotional health.

Division of Property in Texas

When there is little or no marital property, no children, no issues of spousal maintenance, amicable spouses can usually obtain a quick divorce by making a divorce agreement and having a judge approve it. Most divorces, however, are quite different and far more complex. The typical Texas divorce involves a union of many years with considerable marital property, both personal property and real estate, children, family businesses, large or concealed debts, trust funds, real estate in other states, joint and separate accounts, investments, insurance, pensions, and other assets. In these complex situations, the parties often cannot divide their property on their own and, therefore may require court involvement for its ultimate division.

Questions to Ask During Divorce

Considering whether you should end your marriage is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever encounter. It is important to approach the question from a rational perspective rather than solely an emotional one. In many ways, it is a business decision that requires you to evaluate many issues. Once you review this list of questions, you may rethink the direction you are headed, or you will be better prepared to move forward while working with your attorney.

Recovering from a Divorce

Recovering from a divorce is similar to the grieving process one experiences when a loved one dies. There are five stages in the process: shock and denial, anger, ambivalence, depression, and recovery. Many people expect to work through these stages one after the other, but that isn’t usually how it happens. You can expect to move in and out of each phase over time and sometimes experience more than one phase at the same time. It is a difficult process and time consuming. Family counselors advise it may take as long as two years to fully recover.

An Amicable Divorce

Divorce is one of the most emotional experiences a person will ever face. The decision to end a marriage is not an easy one and it is often accompanied with anger, fear, and resentment. The negative emotions associated with divorce are responsible for more than hurt feelings; they affect the final outcome of settlement negotiations. Most important, if children are involved, they will generally suffer. It is in your best interest to approach divorce from an amicable perspective. This will allow you to put on your business hat, which is critical for reaching a successful settlement. It will also allow you to put on your effective parent hat, which is critical for helping your children through this difficult process.

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