Brian_McNamara137Through the years, we have embraced technology to help improve our client experience. Through these changes, we find ourselves in a unique spot, better prepared than most in this pandemic.

Here are some of the highlights that make our firm well-prepared to serve our clients during social distancing and stay-home orders:

  • Our office is paperless so working with courts, staff, and clients online is easy.
  • For years we have had a secure VPN ensuring all internet traffic is secure.
  • We have been set up to work securely from our homes for years.
  • We’ve had a professional subscription to for over 10 years so exchanging data too big for email is simple. Just click the link we send!
  • Texas has required efiling of documents for a few years, so we’re used to that.
  • Long before this crisis, we had remote hearings through CourtCall – telephone conferences with judges and other counsel.
  • We have always offered phone consultations and have added virtual web meetings.
  • We have represented people throughout Texas and communicate well via phone, email and Dropbox.
  • All we needed to accommodate the current crises was a professional subscription to, which is up and running. Chat with us from your phone, PC or tablet.
  • Because we’ve been paperless for years, we’re aces at explaining it to clients who don’t like technology. Often, the client clicks a link and we’re working!

We thank you for trusting McNamara Law Office, PLLC for all of your family’s legal needs.

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