KH – Sept 2019

“You guys are doing great. I know the courts gave such short notice. Let me know if there is anything specific I can do to help. Thank you.” KH Sept 2019

OM – Aug 2019

“Thank you again for the great service Janette. I think you guys did an amazing job and it was very appreciated!” OM Aug 2019

OM – July 2019

“Thank you for all your great service going through this process. You guys really did great!” — OM Jul 2019

AH – June 2019

“Appreciate all the help. While this was one of the most uncomfortable things I went through your input helped significantly in negotiating favorable terms.” — AH Jun 2019

MF – May 2019

“Thank you for the diligent work on my case.” — MF May 2019

LG – Apr 2019

“Thank you for your help.” — LG Apr 2019

ND – Apr 2019

“Thank you and I appreciate the counsel.” — ND Apr 2019

BM – Feb 2019

“I appreciate all that you and your staff are doing for me. Please continue.” - BM Feb 7, 2019

CB – Jan 2019

“I dealt with Yarely and she knows her stuff.” - CB Jan 15, 2019

CB – Jan 2019

“I was pleased with the prompt and professional response.” - CB Jan 15, 2019

CB – Jan 2019

“I got a response the same day I bought the agreement and received the agreement with step by step directions the following day….I purchased the Marital Agreement and it was more than I expected. The agreement was very detailed and touched on more elements than I expected. Good bang for the buck.” - CB Jan 15, 2019

JG – Jan 2019

“Thank you for everything you have done!” - JG Jan 10, 2019

YL – Jan 2019

“Thank you so much for all your help today. You have truly assisted us in our marriage journey. [We] sincerely appreciate it.” — YL Jan 4, 2019

BH – Dec 2018

“You and your staff have done and are doing so much for us…” — BH Dec 11, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“I spent a lot of time researching post-marital agreements, meeting with lawyers, and trying to find somebody who had the ability and the experience to draft a solid agreement. After much painstaking effort, I came across your website and things started to fall into place. I couldn’t be more thankful for what you guys do, and for how you guys do it. Not only do you offer a superior product to what most other attorneys offer, but you make the process so much less painful than most anyone else is able to make it. Thank you again for your outstanding customer service, your attention to detail, your professionalism, and your desire to provide a great service and an outstanding product. You are obviously a premier talent in your field, and I really appreciate your working with me.” - MS Oct 31, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“Very satisfied. Exactly what was described and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much…” - MS Oct 31, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“Yarely does an outstanding job. She was attentive, personable, and professional, and she went above and beyond in addressing my questions. I could not have had a better experience in working with her.” - MS Oct 31, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“Could not have had a better experience. Everybody I spoke with, and especially Yarely, did an outstanding job. I really appreciate your time, your patience with all my questions, and your professionalism.” - MS Oct 31, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“Customer service was outstanding. Yarely was very informative, professional, personable, and did an outstanding job of answering all the questions that I had.” - MS Oct 31, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

“Thank you again for everything... I am so thankful I found you guys.” — MS Oct 31, 2018

KL – Oct 2018

“Fantastic! Thank you, again, for all your help with this process (and over the years)” — KL Oct 19, 2018

MS – Oct 2018

"Thank you so much for everything... I really appreciate all your expertise." - MS Oct. 18, 2018

LM – Oct 2018

"I appreciate your help in getting this matter resolved." - LM Oct. 18, 2018

RS – Oct 2018

“Thank you so much for all your efforts” — RS Oct. 2, 2018

CE – Aug 2018

“Sounds good. Thank you! I appreciate your help today!” – CE Aug 24, 2018

CE – Aug 2018

Thank you for your help!! – CE Aug. 31, 2018

LM – May 2018

“This looks perfect. Thank you So much.” LM May 31, 2018

WS – May 2018

“Thank you so much.” – WS May 29, 2018

LM – May 2018

“Thank you so much for all your help… Thank you so much for your time and patience and understanding." LM May, 2018

LH – May 2018

“What a sign of relief. Thank you for everything.” – LH May 12, 2018

SA – May 2018

“Thanks for all your work on this.” SA May 2018

AZ – May 2018

“thank you. I appreciate all your help the past few weeks!” AZ May 2018

YQ – March 2018

“You guys have been extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much!” YQ - March 2018

AR – March 2018

“I am very happy with the service and the prenup provided.” AR - March 2018

SA – February 2018

"Thank you all for working on this for me. I really appreciate you guys and what you do." SA - February 2018

SG – January 2018

"Thank you for your timely updates. They are much appreciated." SG - January 2018

GV – January 2018

“I sincerely appreciate the support I received from your office over the past several years.” GV - January 2018

MF – January 2018

“Thank you Brian . You are doing an awesome job.” MF - January 2018

KL – Nov 2017

“ Great!  Thanks for getting this done." KL – Nov 2017

MF – Oct 2017

“I can’t thank you enough…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  MF – Oct 2017

EP- Oct 2017

“Thank you so much, you guys are terrific!” EP - Oct 2017  

JS – Aug 2017

“’Thank You! I appreciate the fast response. You've been very helpful.’ JS, August, 2017”

AG – Aug 2017

“thank you for all your help!” AG, August, 2017

PS – Aug 17

“ ‘I appreciate the time you and Janette have taken to address all my concerns.’ PS – August, 2017”

AL – Aug 2017

“ ‘Thanks for the clarity.  Your guidance is appreciated.’ AL - Aug  2017.”

ES – June 2017

“Thank you for the services y’all provided, y’all did an outstanding job.” ES - June, 2017  

KC, May, 2017

“Thank you, Janette. You have been a pleasure to work with this entire time!” KC - May, 2017

JR – May, 2017

Thank you so much for this. It was perfectly stated.” JR – May, 2017

NJ Jan. 01, 2017

“Thanks for your great help!” NJ - January, 2017

MF Dec. 7, 2016

To one of our paralegals: "You are awesome to work with." MF - December, 2016

Fortunate To Have Found Brian

A rating on AVVO posted November 3, 2016, 2016 by "Darren": Let me start by saying I highly recommend Brian Mcnamara. I have had to hire attorneys in the past and had poor experiences. So when I met Brian and his staff, I was pleasantly surprised. Brian was easy to work with, explained the process, helped me walk through what was legally possible and communicated well. He has the experience to truly inform you what is likely to happen. This kept my expectations in check and helped me plan for what lied ahead. I'm a father who loves his kid and I needed an ally who understood the process and where I was coming from. I doubt you could find better representation no matter what your situation.

Best Lawyer Ever!

A rating on AVVO posted November 3, 2016, 2016 by "J": I highly recommend this lawyer that besides being very professional is very compassionate. in my case my divorce came in about 3 months, but every situation is different I am very happy with my lawyer All staff he has is excellent especially Janeth the paralegal was super friendly and she explained me all the doubts that I had during the process. Brian Mcnamara is very very good lawyer, I am very grateful to them is very good to know that there are still honest lawyers these days !!!!!!


A rating on AVVO posted November 2, 2016, 2016 by "Bill": Brian and I met because it was recommended I fire my current attorney due to her incompetency and sassy demeanor. At first meet it was the best 250 dollars I could have spent. Brian has been in family law practice many years and is well versed on what might or could happen. Well beyond my old attorney. I was well represented by him and even when we didn't agree he would still give his professional opinion.

Very Pleased With The Service

A rating on AVVO posted November 2, 2016, 2016 by "Shawn": Tried to do a DIY divorce to keep costs down and had already used an attorney for some guidance which turned out to be a waste of time and money. Brian was knowledgeable and honest. He and his staff generated all the documents I needed to finish my divorce with ease. I made one mistake as i finished my "DIY" divorce and Brians staff helped me correct it. I would recommend Brian and his staff.

Divorce Experience

A rating on AVVO posted October 31, 2016, 2016 by "Steve": Mr. McNamara handled my divorce professionally & promptly. He is thorough and experienced in family law, He seeks solutions and resolution- not confrontation and dragging things out. He is level headed and an excellent communicator.

Brian Knows His Stuff!

A rating on AVVO posted October 27, 2016, 2016 by "John": Brian and his staff has guided me through a divorce and two child custody cases. We won all. Brian is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. Especially in Harris county. His staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable. I never felt "abandoned" by them. No, he's not the cheapest. But you get what you pay for. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone who finds themselves in need of his expertise.

Nice Experience

A rating on AVVO posted October 27, 2016, 2016 by "Bruno": I had a nice experience and my needs were fulfilled. The entire team gives a very professional support, and the response and clarifications were always clear, no law language. Easy to understand the process.

Great Job!

A rating on AVVO posted October 26, 2016, 2016 by "Richie": had a confusing situation with my son's mother over child support and custody battle. Mr. McNamara told me in our initial meeting how the entire situation would happen step by step. He was very specific and answered any questions I had. My case went exactly as he had explained to me. Excellent job would recommend him to anyone.

Thorough, Efficient & Caring

A rating on AVVO posted October 26, 2016, 2016 by "Tina": Brian did a great job handling my divorce. He was very thorough but also efficient. He was super knowledgeable and great at strategizing. He made an otherwise miserable experience, bearable.

Always Calm & Thoughtful

A rating on AVVO posted October 25, 2016, 2016 by "Anonymous": It's never easy to go through a divorce (or even worse, have a legal issue crop up AFTER your divorce) but Brian was always calm, even when I wasn't. Brian's demeanor and expertise in dealing with, what was for me, a very difficult situation, are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend his legal services.

Excellent Attorney

A rating on AVVO posted October 25, 2016, 2016 by "Kelly": I was very pleased with the way Mr. McNamara handled my case. He was very thorough in explaining to me what I could expect. His staff was very professional and I would highly recommend him as he proved to be an excellent attorney.

M.H. Oct. 27, 2016

"Thank you for you quick response, I appreciate it!" M.H. - October, 2016

WF Sept. 21, 2016

“Thank you so much...I appreciate all you have done for me.” W.F. - September, 2016

M.S. Sept. 19, 2016

"Thank you for such a quick response!" M.S. - September, 2016

DG Sept. 19 2016

I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone and also for the prompt response that your firm has displayed. I can tell you from my experience that most firms are not as timely as yours is and it is very refreshing to deal with someone like that. DG - Sept. 19 2016

D.M. Sep. 07, 2016

"Thank you Brian... Thanks again for your good work." D.M. - Septempber, 2016

BG Aug. 26, 2016

Posted to our Facebook page: "I fired my original divorce attorney do to on the job training at my expense. Even with court date coming up fast Brian and his staff make you feel your there only client. Brian and his staff worked diligently to meet the court date and we made the date." BG - Aug., 2016

MF – Aug., 2016

“Thank you for all the work so far on my case.” M.F. - August, 2016

D.M. Aug, 2016

"Thank you for everything! It is very much appreciated." D.M. - August, 2016

D.M. July, 2016

“Thank you for all of your work!” D.M. - July, 2016

A.S. June, 2016

“You Rock!” A.S. - June, 2016

Trustworthy and Strong

A rating on AVVO posted May 13, 2016 by "Robert:" "My mistake was not using Brian from the beginning. I wasted a lot of time with the wrong lawyer which ended up costing me a great deal. Once I realized my previous lawyer was not working for me I consulted with Brian and then switched to him dropping the bad lawyer. Trust your gut and your instincts. If you think something is wrong it probably is. Hard to know when you have never dealt with legal matter before. Brian did and awesome job and did all the right things to protect me and was tough on the OC causing a quick conclusion to my long ordeal. Thank you Brian McNamara for your help with a difficult situation."

B.M. April, 2016

“Thanks Leslie and Brian for all the support during the case. Much appreciated.” B.M. - April, 2016

C.B. April, 2016

"Thank you so much for taking the time to do this; I can't tell you how helpful it was. ... My heartfelt thanks to you and Brian." C.B. - April, 2016

L.M. April, 2016

"Thank you all once again for your hard work. I greatly appreciate." L.M. -  April, 2016

L.M. April, 2016

"I can't thank you both enough for your help and making this process so much easier for me." L.M. -  April, 2016

SQ April, 2016

"Thank you for your service and integrity." S.Q. - April, 2016

E.C. March, 2016

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your counsel and help throughout the last year. I'm very grateful to you and your staff." E.C.  - March, 2016

M.S. February, 2016

“Thank you, Brian. This is incredibly helpful.” M.S. - February, 2016

R.M. January, 2016

“I am very pleased with how you are handling things Brian. This is a huge difference from the experience I had with (previous lawyer).” R.M. - January, 2016

R.M. – January, 2016

"Man what an awesome message Brian. Your message here is very encouraging. Thanks!"  R.M. January, 2016

J J Nov. 17 2015

I will refer others and return myself for additional service. Very Pleased. J J - Nov. 17 2015

V.V. – October, 2015

“Brian has been spectacular and I will not forget about him.” V.V., October, 2015

S.G. – October, 2015

“I am thankful to both you and Mr. McNamara for the professionalism and diligence shown to me and evidenced in your work….” - S.G., October, 2015

L.W. – Oct., 2015

“I'm extremely grateful for your efforts and everything you and your team have done to make this process as easy as possible.” - LW, October, 2015

V.V. – Sept., 2015

“Thank you for all your diligent work.” - V.V., September, 2015

KD – Sept., 2015

“Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.” - K.D., September, 2015

S.G. – Sept., 2015

“Thanks so much for your time this morning and, as always, for your work. Your office is a pleasure to work with --- So efficient!” - S.G., September, 2015

V.V. – Sept., 2015

“You are awesome! Thank you!” - V.V., September, 2015

V.V. -August, 2015

To one of our paralegals: “Much appreciate Leslie! Y’all are the best.” V.V. August, 2015

V.V. – August, 2015

“Thank you Brian. You have been spectacular.” V.V. August, 2015

C.B. – August, 2015

“… Thank you for all your hard work, quick action, and support!” - C.B. August, 2015

L.W. – August, 2015

“Wow, that is fantastic news! … Thank you both so much for all of your attention to this case. I am so pleased to have found your office and team. I am truly grateful for your service and thankful for the communication and efforts made.” - L.W. August, 2015

VC August 28 2015

More people need to know about this service. VC - August 28 2015

V.V. – August 2015

"Thank you for your hard work!"  –V.V. August 2015

SA August 28 2015

I was contacted the same day! Very satisfied. SA - August 28 2015

AG August 28 2015

"Alondra was very responsive and helpful" AG - August 28 2015

WG August 28 2015

Definitely the best money I spent as protection if any problem arises in the future. It seems to me as a very fair way to start a new marriage especially if one of the couple is on a different financial level that the other. WG - August 28 2015

AC August 27 2015

Thank you Brian very much. It has been a pleasure working with you. AC - August 27 2015

AG August 26 2015

"I am very grateful for this service being available." AG - August 26 2015

K.D. – August 2015

"I appreciate you.. I have been very happy with your services." - K.D. August 2015

VC August 1 2015

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most satisfied) score is 10. VC - August 1 2015

NK July 21 2015

Highly satisfied, and I am especially pleased with the staff's responsiveness to follow up questions after purchasing/reading the documents. That, by far, was the single most important thing, and I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking a prenup. NK - July 21 2015

GJ July 21 2015

The service was excellent, fast and professional. The staff performed a great job and had the paperwork finished within the same day, without errors, meantime everything is signed. Very satisfied, excellent. GJ - July 21 2015

AG July 20 2015

"Very easy. Great Site." AG - July 20 2015

C.B. – July 2015

"Thanks to you and Mr. McNamara for all your help and support. I appreciate it so much!" -C.B. July 2015

CB June 1 2015

My first email was sent in the evening. I got phone call at the first time the next morning. Felt very lucky that I worked with professional guys. CB - June 1 2015

SK June 1 2015

Please keep your excellent level of service! SK - June 1 2015

C.B. May 2015

To one of our paralegals: "You are wonderful! Thank you!!" – C.B. May 2015

C.B. – April 2015

"I appreciate all your hard work so much!" – C.B. April 2015

VC April 21 2015

Very Pleased. VC - April 21 2015

V.C. – April 2015

Regarding our Prenup Documents: "On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being most satisfied) score is 10." - V.C. April 2015

S.L. – April 2015

"Thank ya'll so very much for your hard work. I can't tell you how happy and excited I am..." – S.L. April 2015

M.H. – April 2015

"Thank you for all of your help and good advice regarding this matter." – M.H. April 2015

J.P. – February 2015

"Please tell Mr. McNamara thank you and that I really appreciate the timing and his work." – J.P. February  2015

M.L. – February 2015

"Brian is a fantastic, knowledgeable, and helpful attorney. His staff is always very efficient. I am very happy we found him." - M.L.  February 2015

B.F. – January 2015

"That is great news! Thank you so much!" – B.F. January 2015

S.Q. – January 2015

"Thank you and your staff for all of your efforts on this." – S.Q. January 2015

S.M. – December 2014

To one of our paralegals: "Thanks Leslie for all your help." –S.M. - December 2014

B.S. – December 2014

"I appreciate everything y'all have done. What a class act firm Brian has…I will recommend your Firm every day of the week." - B.S. December 2014

I.R. – December 2014

"I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf … thank you." – I.R. December 2014

C.M. – October 2014

"I want to thank you and your staff in the manner in which this entire process was handled. Everyone was very helpful in guiding me in the areas I was unsure of or did not understand… Once again thank you all for all of your very professional help in resolving my divorce." –C.M. October, 2014

K.V. – September 2014

"Thank you for all you've done thus far for us. I've valued your professional and personal opinion over this last year more than you'll ever know. Again, thank you." –K.V. September, 2014

M.A. – August 2014

"You were very helpful in giving me all the possible scenarios… this was probably one of the toughest times in my life and I greatly thank you for all your professional support." –M.A. August, 2014

A.B. – August 2014

"Thank you for all of your hard work on my case. Truly." –A.B. August, 2014

J.U. – June 2014

About one of our paralegals: “On a separate note, Claudia has been a joy to work with and very responsive. Tough to find that so it is appreciated. Thanks again for your (and your staff’s) service." –J.U. June, 2014

A.B. May 2014

I couldn't be more thankful to be working with you and your team. Thank you for your patience and encouraging words... I know I'm in good hands. - A.B. May, 2014

C.E. May 2014

Your help in protecting my daughter is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!! - C.E. May, 2014

A.B. May 2014

You are awesome. - A.B. May, 2014

J.U – May 2014

Please let Brian know that I appreciate his assistance. You guys have been great to work with. -J.U. May, 2014

S.R. – March 2014

After an initial consultation: Thank you so much for following through. More importantly, thank you for your time and educating me through the various laws, etc. I felt more knowledgeable and felt I had more clarity after leaving your office. It was certainly eye opening... - S.R. March, 2014

S.D. – March 2014

Thank you again for all your help... I appreciate your time and efforts and will be in touch in the future if I need any further assistance. - S.D. March, 2014

P.T. January 2014

Thanks again for all the help you and Mr. McNamara provided regarding this matter. - P.T. January, 2014

P.O. January 2014

You and Mr. McNamara have always been on top of things and so good at keeping me updated. Thanks for your hard work. - P.O. January, 2014

G.C. January 2014

I appreciate your response. Thank you. This definitely helps with my confidence in making the right decision. - G.C. January. 2014

M.T. November 2013

OMG!!!! I really can't believe it! Thanks so very much for all of your trouble. You have a whole lot more patience than anyone should ever have. I appreciate everything you've done and am just so very grateful. Again, thank you and Kasey, again and again! - M.T. November, 2013

P.O. November 2013

I think Mr. McNamara has done a terrific job right from the get-go, and he was really looking out for me at the conference last week. I'm most grateful. - P.O. November, 2013

P.O. November 2013

I appreciate your very competent help and all your efforts through these months. - P.O. November, 2013

R.A. October 2013

Thank you, Brian, for being so thorough, patient & careful. - R.A. October, 2013

J.B. October 2013

Thank you so much for your assistance; I'm so grateful! - J.B. October, 2013

H.C. October 2013

Your professionalism is something I will remember. - H.C. October, 2013

J.C. October 2013

Thank you again for your excellent work and attention. - J.C. October, 2013

S.D. September 2013

To one of our paralegals: Bless you, Janette. I praised you and all your efforts to your boss on Thursday, I hope he shared with you. You have made this terrible process for me much easier and I thank you so much. - S.D. September, 2013

J.C. September 2013

Thank you, Brian and Janette for you prompt action toward this matter. - J.C. September, 2013

J.R. July 2013

Thanks so much, you are a very nice person. I appreciate your help. - J.R. July 2013

D.P. July 2013

To both of yu, Brian and Janette, thank you very, very much. - D.P. July, 2013

M.T. July 2013

Thanks again for such a wonderful working relationship! It's much appreciated! - M.T. July, 2013

K.S. – May 2013

Brian, I've really appreciated your level of professionalism and class during all this. I'm really happy I chose you. - K.S. May, 2013

M.T. – May 2013

Please thank Mr. McNamara...Tell him I appreciate him more than he knows. - M.T. May, 2013

M.B. – April 2013

I would like to personally thank you for all yur help! I know that I have not been the easiest to work with, but you, Kasey and Janette have proven to be my biggest allies and I can not begin to thank you enough. - M.B. April, 2013

S.F. – February 2013

You guys are awesome and are worth every dollar twice over. - S.F. February, 2013

S.F. – December 2012

Thanks for being awesome. - S.F. December, 2012

C.B. – November 2012

I really appreciate all that you all are doing! -C.B. November, 2012

W.L. October 2012

Thank you as well for you, Janette's and Kasey's professionalism, patience and help through this arduous process. - W.L. October, 2012

S.B. August 2012

To one of our paralegals: Kasey, thanks for all you've done for me. I really appreciate you helping me through the process. You're the best. - S.B. August, 2012

N.W. – June 2012

Thanks for your help - we all really appreciate all the time and effort you devote to us! - N.W. June, 2012

J.y. – June 2012

You are simply amazing in all you do, including putting up with people...at their worst. - J.Y. June, 2012

M.R. – May 2012

Thank you for all you have done for me. - M.R. May, 2012

T.T. – May 2012

I wish to thank Mr. McNamara and his office staff for the support and direction during my time of need. - T.T. May, 2012

A. G. – February 2012

Brian is a highly organized and smart lawyer, knowledgeable in grandparents rights. He made what could have been a horrible situation more bearable for my family. He and his courteous staff always kept me updated on the progress of my case. They always very patiently answered any mundane questions I had. I was walked through all the court proceedings and felt very well prepared for anything before the court date. My particular case was extremely complicated and he handled it in an expert manner. It is thanks to him and his knowledge of the law that the judge ruled in our favor. Overall I feel as though Brian went above and beyond to help our family. He made sure I always felt I was dealing with attorney who cared as much as any family member would. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who is competent, trustworthy and reliable. – A.G. February, 2012

M.T. January 25 2012

Addressed to one of our paralegals: Hi Kasey,Thank you thank you for helping me out yesterday! I appreciate your happy positive attitude! Brian has some great gals working for him!! Have a great day.I feel like a thousand lbs. has been lifted off my back! p.s. My mom loved you guys and thought you were great! - M.T January 25 2012

A.G. January 25 2012

I think Brian handled my case very well. He was very organized, prepared and I felt he did what was in me and my sons best interest. – AG January 25 2012

J.C. January 25 2012

Brian helped me deal with my son’s father when I needed a lawyer who could help both of us understand the law and reach an agreement. My son’s dad wanted more than I was prepared to give and wanted to give less than was reasonable, but we both wanted to remain amicable. Brian managed to get everything I wanted without having to sacrifice my relationship with my son’s father. He met with him more than once and, through patience and persistence, negotiated an agreement that I am very happy with. I won’t hesitate to call on him again if I need his help. – JC January 25 2012

K.M. January 25 2012

Mr. McNamara represented me in my divorce. He listened carefully to everything I had to say and cared about understanding everything I was dealing with. He was thorough and made sure I understood every step of the process. As a divorce lawyer, I recommend him highly. He made the process much more bearable and showed an in-depth understanding of the law, the process, and what I was going through. –KM January 25 2012

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