How much does a Prenuptial or Partition Agreement cost? offers a standard prenup package for $399. That package consists of:

  1. a prenuptial agreement;
  2. forms for listing the assets and debts of each fiancé;
  3. 2 waivers of financial disclosure;
  4. a post-marital property agreement to be signed shortly after the marriage;
  5. a cover letter explaining how to execute and record the documents, and
  6. a half hour phone consultation after you receive the package to answer any questions.

The standard prenup provides that all assets owned by a spouse before marriage remain that person’s separate property and that all assets acquired during marriage are the separate property of the spouse that acquired them. There are many other provisions and you should read the document very carefully.

We also offer a standard partition agreement package that divides an existing community estate into two separate estates according to the schedules that the spouses complete. The schedules identify the assets and debts that will be each spouse’s separate property and responsibility. The partition agreement, sometimes called a postnuptial agreement, completely divides a community estate into two separate estates. That packet costs $399.

If you want a prenup that does not completely keep each spouse’s estate separate, or if you would like a more complex custom partition agreement, the fee will vary depending on the complexity of the document. I am available for consultation or to represent you in discussing the details of the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

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