Our premium packages use language and follow a format familiar to Texas lawyers and judges. They are the traditional Texas prenup and postnup but improved by Mr. McNamara’s years in court and by drafting hundreds of agreements. They are what Texas judges are used to seeing.

The premium packages are more detailed and thorough than the simple. They include more detailed descriptions of categories and sub-categories of assets and debts; tax options; acceptance of each other’s wills; etc. The premium packages have been successfully enforced in divorces. A client reported the I.R.S. sent an earlier version of our premium postnup to Washington D.C. and it was accepted. It saved a lot of money that would have been owed for a spouse’s business taxes.

We recommend the premium packages.

If you prefer a shorter document, with simpler language, choose the simple package. If your fiancé or spouse is hesitant to sign a marital agreement, it might be easier to explain a seven-page simple agreement over a 40-page premium (it’s double-spaced and uses plain English so it’s not as onerous as it sounds). The simple agreements include the same categories as the premium and state everything either person owns in their name is their separate property. This package uses simpler language and do not follow the traditional format familiar to Texas judges.

The simple packages were created for those who want a shorter, simpler document, or do not want the expense of a premium. They follow the Texas Family Code and Mr. McNamara used his 28 years of experience as a divorce lawyer and writer of prenups to include all essential elements but using simpler language. The simple packages are new and have not been tested.

The simple packages comply with Texas law and Mr. McNamara fully expects they will be accepted and enforced by all Texas courts.

If a 40-page agreement sounds overwhelming or the cost of a premium is more than you care to spend, the simple is a good alternative. It is much better than no agreement. The premium packages are like seat belts with air bags and roll bars. The simple are just seat belts.

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