KH – Sept 2019

KH – Sept 2019

“You guys are doing great. I know the courts gave such short notice. Let me know if there is anything specific I can do to help. Thank you.” KH Sept 2019

OM – Aug 2019

“Thank you again for the great service Janette. I think you guys did an amazing job and it was very appreciated!” OM Aug 2019

OM – July 2019

“Thank you for all your great service going through this process. You guys really did great!” — OM Jul 2019

AH – June 2019

“Appreciate all the help. While this was one of the most uncomfortable things I went through your input helped significantly in negotiating favorable terms.” — AH Jun 2019

MF – May 2019

“Thank you for the diligent work on my case.” — MF May 2019

ND – Apr 2019

“Thank you and I appreciate the counsel.” — ND Apr 2019

BM – Feb 2019

“I appreciate all that you and your staff are doing for me. Please continue.” – BM Feb 7, 2019

CB – Jan 2019

“I dealt with Yarely and she knows her stuff.” – CB Jan 15, 2019

CB – Jan 2019

“I was pleased with the prompt and professional response.” – CB Jan 15, 2019

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