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Conservatorship Part II – What About the Grandparents?

Many loving and involved grandparents want to know what rights they may have when it comes to their grandchildren. Oftentimes, grandparents are the ones helping to raise grandchildren while their son or daughter is in a time of transition or involved in activities that may put the grandchildren at risk. In other cases, a grandparent may simply want to know if they have any legal rights of visitation with their grandchildren. Read More “Conservatorship Part II – What About the Grandparents?”

What Is Joint Managing Conservatorship And Who Gets It?

Conservatorship in Texas

It is the public policy in the state of Texas to ensure that children will have frequent contact with both parents and to encourage parents to share in the rights and duties associated with raising their children. Tex. Fam. Code §153.001. Pursuant to public policy, Texas has adopted the term “conservatorship” rather than “custody” when making orders concerning the parent-child relationship. Read More “What Is Joint Managing Conservatorship And Who Gets It?”

Ten Ways To Attack A Prenup

Texas law favors prenups. When written correctly, and when the right signing procedure is followed, a prenup is hard to invalidate.

Even though a skilled lawyer can write a solid prenuptial agreement, if the law is not followed it might be successfully attacked in a divorce or probate proceeding. Read More “Ten Ways To Attack A Prenup”

Handling Shared Credit Cards And Liability In A Divorce

The interplay between shared credit cards and financial liability is complex, and much more so when working through a divorce. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements attempt to straighten out the asset and debt details upfront, but when such an agreement is not in place, it will take an expert to sort everything out. In some cases, the idea of facing financial hardship or ruinous credit can compel someone to stay in a marriage they would otherwise seek to dissolve. Read More “Handling Shared Credit Cards And Liability In A Divorce”

10 Common Misconceptions About Prenups

There are many misconceptions about prenups in Texas, even among lawyers. These are the ones I have heard most. There are many more. For years prenups were not allowed by the law, causing misconceptions. The law varies by state, creating confusion; and movies take license about misstating the law. This makes better movies, but also causes more confusion. Read More “10 Common Misconceptions About Prenups”

When Reinvested Earnings Become Commingled Community Property

It can be difficult to tell when reinvested earnings become commingled community property, as divorce is always complicated by a business. Most businesses retain some of their earnings to drive growth opportunities over the near term and as cushion for a downturn. These assets can be crucial to the business’s functioning, but they can also be targeted during divorce, especially if there is reason to believe the business-owning spouse is hiding income in the company. Read More “When Reinvested Earnings Become Commingled Community Property”